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"Get Salesin Myynnin Fundamentit -ohjelma on hyvin ratkaisukeskeinen ja asiakaslähtöinen valmennus, jossa avattiin meille tapa myydä. Ohjelma oli kaukana  ylätason jargonista. Yritysten myyntifunktioita kuvaa hyvin legolaatikko;  kun avaat sen näet paloja ja osia, mutta palaset eivät ole järjestyksessä ja niitä on vaikea koota. Get Salesin ohjelma auttoi meitä kokoamaan palaset ja osat yhteen. Pääsimme lisäksi irti omista estoistamme myynnin suhteen. Huomasimme, että myynti on kuitenkin ihan perustekemistä ja kaikilla on mahdollisuus myydä, omana persoonana, omalla tavalla. Pienillä systematiikan muutoksilla saat onnistumisia heti ja työn tulokset näkyvät jo. Get Salesin myyntifilosofia on kuin dynamiitilla kalastaisi."
Mikael Jungner
Get Salesin myyntifilosofia on kuin dynamiitilla kalastaisi.
Mikael Jungner

Get Sales and the Fundamentals of Sales Programme is very solution and customer focused, where we were given hands-on advice on how to sell. The programme couldn’t be further away from high-level jargon.

A box of Legos describes the sales function of companies in a good way; when you open it, you see bits and pieces, but they are not in order and are hard to assemble. Get Sales helped us in putting the bits and pieces together. We were able to get rid of our own inhibitions towards sales.

We learnt that selling is just basic work and that everyone can shine as a sales person, in his/her own way, building on your own strengths. With a systematic way of working you get fast results and can see the fruits of your work right away.

The sales philosophy of Get Sales is like fishing with dynamite!​

Mikael Jungner

The Get Sales sales process was positive, from the first booking call, and I wanted to know more. The Get Sales crew clearly eat their own medicine and it works, I was hooked.
We had started an internal segmentation project, the meaning of which was to clarify our own target groups and to create suitable messaging for them.

It was clear from the beginning that we will also need to develop our sales process and ways of working, to be more proactive, so the Get Sales contact came at a perfect time.

As an organisation we committed to the program by reserving a few hours internally each week for the team, to work on the new Sales Book, in addition to the time allocated to the training program itself. As a team we can strongly recommend this approach.

The program modules were cleverly built and right on point, and as per the Get Sales philosophy the atmosphere was suitably relaxed, reflective and balanced. The content revolved around building our own Sales Book in a very systematic and proactive manner, and gave us excellent tools and routines, of which some have already been taken into use.
In summary, an excellent program and the feedback from the team has been very positive.

Timo Kivi
Head of Sales
Fortum Power & Heat

The Fundamental of Sales Programme kicked off with super energy and this lasted throughout the entire programme. The real live approach, concrete examples and a clear well-structured script made a strong impact on me. I was able to make good plans on how we will prospect in the future, and make more qualified sales approaches. Well-crafted sales messages, a clear pre-thought sales conversation frame and script, as well as the smooth customer cooperation model, will give us a strong base for acquiring new clients and keeping existing ones satisfied.

The Get Sales philosophy from microchange to macrochange, and the idea of a reflective and balanced mind will be on my agenda now and in the future.​

Ari Tuominen
Business Director, B2B
LähiTapiola Vellamo

“Get Sales is an inspiring and effective company that gets things moving just in the right way and implements necessary changes in a systematic and disciplined manner.

Co-operation is easy as even large entities and challenging goals are divided into smaller parts  and scheduled. Get Sales is not consulting but practical operating models, the effects of which can be seen in results quickly.

Straightforward talk and no useless chit-chat.”

Markus Oksa
CEO & Founder
Barona & Bravedo Oy

From the perspective of sales management, Get Sales provides necessary fuel especially for implementing the fundamentals of sales effectively and building just the right kind of sales culture.

Antti Mäkelä

Thanks to the tools and training provided by Get Sales, we have managed to improve sales predictability to a very accurate level and have been able to focus fully on our company’s subject matter expertise.

Determined, systematic and result-oriented work on sales has not only given us a financial lead when compared to others but also increased mental wellbeing inside the company

Markus Viiperi
Founder & CEO
Franz Design

As a company we were able to unify our sales work, and on top of that we built a custom sales book for every business area in our company. Now that the ways of working are clear, we are able to put all the new things we learned into practice across our entire organisation.

Concrete and practical models will help us lead the change at root level, which is very important for us. We made valuable discoveries from our own ways of working. For example, the smooth customer cooperation model will help us communicate how our cooperation proceeds with our customers from beginning to end, and also what commitments we expect from our customers on our journey together.

Systematic and effective are the words when describing the way Get Sales Advisors helped us work together throughout the programme. We warmly recommend The Fundamentals of Sales Learning Programme for all experts and specialists of their respective fields, who want concrete results in their sales work.

Taneli Mustonen

Every Fundament provided us with valuable discoveries on how to make things even better. We will especially take the pre-sales conversation checklist, systematic referral generation and smooth customer co-operation models into everyday use. 

We redefined our sales meeting agendas and together we will start working in a more systematic way as a team. Effective time management and planning tools served their purpose well and only a week after the programme we feel much more balanced now that all our weeks are better planned and tasks calendarised.  

With these small improvements we are confident to reach better hit rates and success at all levels of the organisation

Sales team

The Fundamentals of Sales was an extremely beneficial learning programme, lots of new things learned and familiar things refreshed.

The entire sales process was addressed thoroughly from top to bottom. During this training we built our own Kontram sales book which we will now effectively put into practice across our whole organisation.

A special note that the effective time management part helped us structure the whole working week better and now we find more free time after work, which very is important as well.

Antti Takala
Business Unit Manager

Get Sales has helped Wunderdog create a concept for international sales and streamlined Wunderdog’s operating models in sales.

Get Sales implemented a more effective sales work model at Wunderdog and developed sales tools and our way of working together as Wunderdog.

Mika Viskari

We got an exceptional start to move onwards. The way I see it, we are now willing and able to do systematic sales work, especially in the challenging solution selling market in various customer segments. All our identified focus areas and expectations were met during the programme, without losing focus.

Our collective sales understanding and tool box grew stronger as we went along. During the programme I could not help but notice how our team started hitting the high notes together and how we all got inspired by the excitement of doing fantastic sales work together.

The sparring group sessions were exceptional and together with our Get Sales Advisor, we made valuable discoveries on how to drive concrete improvements into everyday life already during the programme.

We will continue to use Get Sales also in the near future to make it all happen. I can warmly recommend Get Sales and The Fundamentals of Sales Learning Programme when you want to systematise your sales work and get new tools for building your own custom sales book

Kaarlo Vakkilainen

We participated in the Fundamentals of Sales Programme with sales talents from our construction industry, heavy industry and our local sales organization.

We have been able to get concrete results, fast. Well-crafted sales messages and a way more systematic way of doing sales work have led to clearly improved hit rates, as well as getting new business from previously hard-to-reach customers. Better preparation for sales conversations, agendas and memos have given us a more professional feeling with our customers.

We have shifted our ways of doing towards a more proactive way, which has helped us with our time planning. A prospecting system is now in place, and this will help us to achieve more with less hassle.

On top of all this, we made our own Sales Book, which will help us in onboarding new sales people in the future.

Strong recommendation!

Jarkko Rinne
EVP, International Operations
Barona Construction

For once a sales training programme that makes sense. All parts are tied together in a way that enables you to work more effectively. This programme delivers what you need to accomplish your sales targets, how to plan and stick to your plans.

The content could not be further away from the usual, someone telling you how many cold calls you need to make in order to get one sales conversation. I can without hesitation recommend this programme to everyone working within sales.

Reima Salminen
Investment Director

Get Sales delivered great tools for systematising and rationalising your sales work,which at times can be very chaotic.The programme covered effectively the entire sales process from top to bottom giving us valuable discoveries at every stage.

The Fundamentals of Sales programme, as it states, focused on the importance of basic elements of sales work and gave us hands-on experience on how to be more effective and focus on matters of strategic importance.

Personally I valued the sparring sessions in which we were able to implement the learnings made with clear and precise guidance. This gives us good grounds to continue our sales work development also after the programme

Eeli Anundi, BU Director
Erkki Laukkanen, KAM

We participated in the Fundamentals of Sales programme as a team to speed up our sales process and to help the induction of our new sales person.

The programme worked well and supported the training of our new sales person as well as helped us rethink our sales process towards clear goal setting and management.

We had valuable  and critical discussions throughout the programme about our business goals and expanded our own understanding of our services strengths and weaknesses

Business team
Barona Social & Health Services

At first, I was wondering about how to fit the programme into the calendar because there were quite a few other development projects under way.

When the programme started, I noticed that it was an amazingly good match with the other projects and accelerated their progress.

Dan Puha
Sales Director
Barona Asiantuntijapalvelut

Concrete step by step instructions, tools and practical examples for different sales situations and challenges were some of the key elements that really ignited me personally.

Pre and post conversation check list, frame and script for high impact sales conversations are a few of the many great take aways from the programme that I for sure will use in my future sales work.​

Pia Tanskanen
Procopé & Hornborg Attorneys


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