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Sales Revenue
Kingspan & Paroc
We helped Kingspan and Paroc  to focus their sales efforts and leverage co-operation in channel sales leading to a remarkable gain in sales revenue in 6 months.
Annual Recurring Revenue
We helped OpusCapita's team consisting of both junior and senior sales executives in building a sales model for both value and product-based selling.
Pipeline Value
We helped Codemate expand its market presence despite challenging market conditions. Our approach was twofold: we first facilitated workshops to enhance the capabilities of their business team, followed by a second initiative designed for their technology experts and consultants.
Customer Lifetime Value
A long-term co-operation with Finitec helped Finitec gain and secure their place as Finland's leading freelance tech talent agency even in tough market conditions.

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Prospecting & Lead Generation

Struggling to engage qualified buyers? Let’s ensure you have a steady stream of prospects and conversations each week.


Sell Value & Cut Lead Time

Competing on price and struggling to get decisions? We help you move up the value chain.


Grow Customers Profitably

Struggling to expand or dealing with low-profit customers? Streamline your account management practices for systematic growth.


Sales Technology Stack Modernization

Don’t waste time on low-level tasks. Automate mundane work, leverage AI, and focus on higher-value activities.

What our customers say about us?


From the perspective of sales management, Get Sales provides necessary fuel especially for implementing the fundamentals of sales effectively and building just the right kind of sales culture.

Antti Mäkelä

Get Sales has helped Wunderdog conceptualize international sales and has clarified Wunderdog's sales operation models. Get Sales has implanted a more effective sales work model into Wunderdog and has developed sales tools and ways of working together with Wunderdog.

Mika Viskari

The training was a really good comprehensive package that focused on the most important aspects—what things we needed to change at a practical level in our operations, rather than excess jargon. We constructed a customized Sales Book for ourselves, which contains operational models and tools for daily sales activities. We valued that the development work was done collaboratively as a team with the support of an Advisor, which helped us progress and tailor things to fit our daily life and world. The training provided good tools to understand the entire sales process, processes, and systematics in a new way, offering practical models to perform this work.

Timo Drachman
Sales Director

After the program, we have the largest ever order book. The order book has doubled.

Toni Piirainen

I have been in sales for a long time and have had a lot of different sales trainings, and this was by far the best training that I have had. Straight forward professional approach, giving me the tools to measure the needed sales in order to meet budget goals in a good pragmatic way and broaden my view with new ideas in how to approach customers and increase the sales and sales value.

Mattias Hansson
Sales & Operations Director, Nordics

Before the training, our starting situation was that our sales efforts were too passive in terms of customer contacts and discussions. Our focus and goal through the training were to establish clear rules of play and minimum standards for all sales activities. At the same time, we wanted to ensure that all actions were high-quality and result-oriented. Through the "Fundamentals of Sales" training, we acquired the tools needed to address the above points. The coaches' demeanor and speeches reflected their extensive experience. One of the most important aspects of the training was the discussions that arose between us and the coaches, meaning the interaction was excellent! Now, the future success is up to us.

Tero Karisalmi
Sales Director
Kingspan & Paroc Panels

We can highly recommend Get Sales training! Both the program and trainers, Tommi and Kim, received very positive feedback from our international participants. We tested the program first with a Finnish pilot group and have gained double digit results.

Kimmo Rantala
Managing Director

We needed new energy and new operational models for sales activities. There was a clear need and desire to shift from a reactive to a proactive organization and to systematize our operations for better results. The Get Sales training provided us with a great opportunity to gather, share experiences, and reflect on issues as a team, while committing our group to a new approach. During the training, with the support of Sales Advisors, we collaboratively brainstormed and constructed our own sales playbook, which will guide our actions in the future.

Niko Eriksson
Sales Director
Nylund Group

Previously, the outcomes of trainings needed updates—better structure and better results. Particularly, we wanted to offer sales more broadly to our entire customer base across all three sectors of our operation. In the training, we were especially interested in customer plans specific to our industry and the systematic use of recommendations and references to grow current customer relationships. Additionally, the timing management component was very fitting, and it has sparked extensive discussions throughout the organization. We got a good start on a model for smooth collaboration, and we are now developing this into a broader initiative to streamline project sales. We received many practical tips that work, and now the rest is up to us!

Johan Karlsson

The Fundamentals of Sales was a comprehensively good training, offering many new and useful tips, but also a good revision of old material. The sales process was considered from start to finish as a whole. Based on the model learned in this training, we have built a new Sales Book for Kontram, and now we are ready to implement the lessons across the rest of the organization.

Antti Takala
Business Unit Director

Sales is a fine line of work, and occasionally it is very important to sit down and take a snapshot of our own actions. Get Sales provided us with new perspectives to improve the efficiency of our time management, meet clients, and conduct analytical sales work better while serving our clients without obscuring our personality.

Antti Leisten
Business Unit Director

We got an exceptional start to move onwards. The way I see it, we are now willing and able to do systematic sales work, especially in the challenging solution selling market in various customer segments. All our identified focus areas and expectations were met during the programme, without losing focus.

Kaarlo Vakkilainen

With new leadership at the company, we had been considering how to invigorate our value-based selling and shake up existing routines. The timing of Get Sales' contact was just right, and their systematic approach and philosophy of unhurriedness convinced us. The training and collaborative efforts provided us with many new ideas for daily operations, starting from a smooth cooperation model, selling the platinum package, and building an ideal week, which we now use as the foundation for systematic sales work on a weekly basis. Collaborating gave the team a great opportunity to share their experiences while simultaneously offering a large number of easily implementable ideas for systematically executing sales activities. Highly recommended!

Robert Brors
Sales Director

It's delightful to note that the level of activity has increased tremendously, and the number of sales cases is ten times higher than in the previous year. We are starting the second half of the year from a very strong position. The sales budget for June will be exceeded.

Jussi Luhtasela

The greatest insights and benefits have been the building of proactivity and systematics into our sales process, piece by piece. It was very motivating and inspiring to build a new operational model with our team. Overall, the Get Sales team was excellent and quickly grasped our own challenges, constructively sparring and challenging us throughout the training. I can recommend it!

Thomas Hasselman

The rapid progression and shared encounters excellently unified the team and sparked everyone to think in new ways. How to organize the weekly schedule, how to focus on different stages of sales, and how to achieve high quality in our actions. We are already seeing results from the program; for example, prospecting is being done more systematically, and we have significantly grown our new sales pipeline. All the lessons from the training are visible in the sellers' daily activities. Overall, it was a very well-managed project with a consistently positive attitude throughout. It was a pleasure to work with Get Sales!

Heikki Pulli
Sales & Marketing Director
Fortum Recycling & Waste

I recommend the training for any team that wants to get the basics of sales right, as professionals worship the fundamentals. The program provided a great framework for going through the entire sales process with the team in a facilitated, prepared, and structured way, sharing thoughts and best practices, and documenting them. The whole team committed beautifully, and the lessons from the training have continued to live in everyday life and corridor conversations, and we regularly revisit the teachings. This is a power boost for sales activity, and the team's results speak for themselves; last year we sold to our full capacity, and even surpassed our customer satisfaction goals. The Sales Book had a positive impact on our actions.

Jar Korkiakangas, Eeva Saarinen
Sales Group Manager
Fortum Power & Heat

The program modules were cleverly built and right on point, and as per the Get Sales philosophy the atmosphere was suitably relaxed, reflective and balanced. The content revolved around building our own sales playbook in a very systematic and proactive manner, and gave us excellent tools and routines, of which some have already been taken into use. In summary, an excellent program and the feedback from the team has been very positive.

Head of Sales
Timo Kivi
K. Hartwall

Our company operates globally, and our salespeople typically have their own ways of operating in different countries. Our hope was to standardize and systematize our operations, share experiences, learn new things, and at the same time consider how we could implement these practices. We gathered our global sales team in London under the guidance of Get Sales coaches, where through practical workshops, we gained many ideas and thoughts for enhancing our sales efforts. And the best part - we got to do this together, with a great vibe across the entire team! Our goals were met, and the greatest benefits were the practicality and the positive atmosphere. After the training, our belief in the future received a new boost!

Stefan Lindh
Head of Business Unit Retail
KWH Logistics

Working with Get Sales was very smooth and professional, concrete, and practical. The intensive workshop sessions positively pushed the team to work together in a completely different way than before, which significantly brought our teams closer together! As a result, we now have a shared vision of how sales should be conducted, including models and methods, and even individuals outside of the training in our organization have adopted new sales-related terminology. The training was extremely successful, and I highly recommend it!

Markku Mäkipere
Managing Director
Procope & Hornborg

I received several new, concrete models and tools for my daily activities. I am now able to move sales cases forward in a much more structured way with different clients.

Petri Kyllönen

Get Sales' coaching helped us understand how to better take control of sales and, through that, the future of the entire company. The training included numerous valuable insights, which have been beneficial to us in practical sales work.

Mikko Koistinen

We learnt that selling is just basic work and that everyone can shine as a sales person, in his/her own way, building on your own strengths. With a systematic way of working you get fast results and can see the fruits of your work right away. The sales philosophy of Get Sales is like fishing with dynamite!​

Mikael Jungner
Franz Design

Thanks to the tools and training provided by Get Sales, we have managed to improve sales predictability to a very accurate level and have been able to focus fully on our company’s subject matter expertise. Determined, systematic and result-oriented work on sales has not only given us a financial lead when compared to others but also increased mental wellbeing inside the company

Markus Viiperi

Systematic and effective are the words when describing the way Get Sales Advisors helped us work together throughout the programme. We warmly recommend The Fundamentals of Sales Learning Programme for all experts and specialists of their respective fields, who want concrete results in their sales work.

Taneli Mustonen

What an engaging experience! The excellent trainers managed to get even long-standing experts to think from different perspectives. We received numerous concrete practices to implement in future customer encounters. This was a well-spent and useful time for our team, a successful overall experience. Here are some spontaneous feedback from the team: "Sales training has come a long way in the last 20 years." "I was a bit skeptical beforehand, but this was really good." "Lots of practical, concrete tips." These responses highlight the positive impact of the training and its relevance to both seasoned professionals and those newer to the field.

Tommi Rajala
Head of Asset Management

For once a sales training programme that makes sense. All parts are tied together in a way that enables you to work more effectively. This programme delivers what you need to accomplish your sales targets, how to plan and stick to your plans.

Reima Salminen
Investment Director