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We recognize that every organization, industry, and challenge is unique, with varying complexities. As such, there's no "one-size-fits-all" solution.  So, please have a look at our impact calculator and pricing examples.

First, let's calculate the impact

Get a rough impact estimate based on our data by entering your targets for upcoming 12 months.

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2. State of current sales work

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Check the boxes that are true. What are these?

3. Get impact & investment estimate

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New Sales Revenue

This is the amount of sales revenue you need to make in order to hit company-level revenue target for next 12 months. So, don't include eg. current rolling contracts' revenue here.

Average Deal Size

This is the size of an average deal. If you have multiple product lines or business verticals, you might want to bias your focus offering here.

Hitrate 1

How many offers or proposals on average your team makes to win one deal?

Hitrate 2

How many new sales meetings your team takes on average per one offer presented to a customer.

Pricing example

For a standard five-week program, the rates are as follows:

Small team: €15,000
Medium team: €25,000
Large team: €32,000

And a time investment of 15-20h for each participant.

We are committed to providing value that aligns with your specific needs.

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