February 19, 2024

Why subject matter experts should learn sales skills?

Rami Hirvelä

Co-Founder, Advisor

So, it seems like a lot of companies are now looking for engineers with good business skills. This got me thinking about how important sales skills are for experts in general. As a technical problem solver, have you ever considered how being able to "sell" your ideas and work could help you out? In this blog post, I'll explain why having sales skills is a big plus for software developers and give you some reasons why you should work on this side of your skill set.

1. Up your game & market value

Being a tech expert is good, but characteristics of an advisor is better. By developing sales skills, you can move from being just an expert to more of an advisor role. This not only boosts your value in your current job but also opens up new career opportunities. Clients and employers love developers who can speak business and communicate effectively with different stakeholders.

2. Smoothen customer collaboration & expand your business opportunities

Sales skills help you understand customer needs better. When you can identify and address client's needs accurately, you can propose solutions that genuinely solve their problems. This not only improves customer relationships but also creates more opportunities for business expansion.

3. Negotiation skills and sharing a common language

Good negotiation skills and effective communication with business stakeholders can help you get your proposals and views approved in projects. By understanding business objectives and speaking the same language, you can influence project directions and outcomes more effectively.

4. Build trust within your organization

Developing sales skills builds trust within your organization. When you present your ideas clearly and convincingly, colleagues and superiors trust you more. This leads to smoother work processes and reduces the need to ask for permissions for decisions.

As a software developer, developing sales skills is not just an additional competency – it's a key part of professional growth. It not only improves communication skills but also broadens the understanding of business, which is crucial at every stage of your career. If you're interested in learning sales skills from a sales advisor with a technical background, send us a message below or share this post with your organization's talent management.